Daniel is a photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. He has helped families create memories with senior portraits and family photographs. He also works with real estate agents by creating beautiful images to help sell their homes. He has also helped many organizations and groups by documenting their events and functions through his photography. His personal photography interest includes cityscape, landscape, wildlife, panoramas, and time-lapse photography.
He has a degree in civil engineering and has worked in the field for over 16 years. As a civil engineer, he has designed roadways, highways, and other engineering projects. Through his interest and work in engineering, he has an eye for detail and appreciation for architecture and construction. He currently works in the IT field as a Director of IT for a non-profit. He has always had an interest in photography since he was 11 when he got to take a photo with a pinhole camera. He is active in the local community helping beginners and other photographers by sharing everything he has learned.